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Decorating the home each season and holiday is a lot of fun. You get to take your everyday home and transform it into an autumn setting, a winter wonderland or a festive area to spend your days with your family. Unfortunately, those decorations can get very expensive. So what can you do to decrease the cost of decorating your home for the changing seasons and holidays? My blog will show you all sorts of fun ways to use and re-purpose the things around your home to make them into what you need to finish your festive decorating this coming year.

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Should You Use Neutral Or Bold Colors On Your Staircase?

Staircases are often overlooked interior design elements, but they are a chance to add a little something which completes the space. In general, homeowners choose between a neutral staircase palette and a bolder contrast to its surroundings. Which is right for your stairs? The answer depends on the circumstances. Here are a few key questions to answer in order to find your ideal shades. 

1. Is the Space Small or Large? 

In general, light colors and neutral shades help make an interior look and feel larger. So if your stairs are squeezed into a corner or the surrounding rooms are smaller than you'd like this makes them look larger. On the other hand, deeper hues — on stairs, railings, or walls — help bring out a staircase in a larger space and prevent it from being overwhelmed by the open area. 

2. Is There a Focal Point?

Contrast and bold design draw the visitor's attention to the staircase. This can be a great way to add a focal point or visual interest to a room that lacks it. However, adding too many focal points diminishes all of them and makes the room seem busy and uncoordinated. So contrast must be planned carefully. 

3. What Will Go On the Walls?

The walls that line your stairs are wonderful opportunities for artistic expression and visual interest. You could make a gallery wall, line it with family photos or pictures of your pets, add a stunning piece of statement artwork, or tell a story in grand lettering. Plan this decorative feature before deciding on a color scheme for the stairs themselves. In many cases, you'll want neutrals in order to avoid distracting or competing with the walls. 

4. What Is the Architecture?

The style of the house and rooms adjacent to the stairs inform the style of decorating they should have. Victorian homes are known for darker woods, a cozy atmosphere, and visual clutter. You might even use fun wallpaper or murals. However, a mid-century modern home features clean lines, plenty of light, and minimalism. Match staircase color schemes to the architecture to enhance both. 

Where Should You Start?

Get help answering these questions and others by meeting with a professional interior designer in your area. They will assist you in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the stairs and surrounding rooms to find the best solutions for both. Make an appointment today to learn how.