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decorating your home for the seasons

Decorating the home each season and holiday is a lot of fun. You get to take your everyday home and transform it into an autumn setting, a winter wonderland or a festive area to spend your days with your family. Unfortunately, those decorations can get very expensive. So what can you do to decrease the cost of decorating your home for the changing seasons and holidays? My blog will show you all sorts of fun ways to use and re-purpose the things around your home to make them into what you need to finish your festive decorating this coming year.


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Homes Not Selling Fast in Your Neighborhood? 2 Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

Even if the homes in your neighborhood are not selling fast, there are some things you can do to help speed the process along and get yours off the market. First, you want to ensure you choose the right selling price. A realtor can help you with this. This is not the only method, however. Follow the tips below to sell your home as quick as you can.

Home Staging

Once your home is clean and you have made any necessary repairs, you need to stage it to get it ready for buyers. Staging a home is simply dressing it up. Remove all framed photographs and other memorabilia of you and your family to depersonalize the rooms. Decorate each room with neutral furnishings and accessories to make it look attractive to any potential buyer. For example, use a solid color comforter instead of one that is covered with flowers.

Each room's furnishings should reflect the use of the room they are in. For example, if you had an office set up in your dining room, remove the desk, computer, etc., and only have the furniture that belongs there, such as the table and chairs. Add unique elements to fireplace mantles and bookcases. For example, during the fall months, you could incorporate decorative pumpkins and fake autumn leaves in a cozy display. Fill up a large colorful bowl with fruit and set it on your kitchen counter. Arrange interesting cookbooks on the kitchen counter.

If all of this seems daunting to you, you can hire a home stager to do it for you. Your real-estate agent may also be able to refer you to some home staging services in Utah that you could hire.

Curb Appeal

The first thing your potential buyers see is the exterior of your home, so you want to give them a good first impression. Clean up your flower beds, making sure all weeds and debris are removed from them. Remove any flowers that look faded or unhealthy. Add a fresh layer of mulch to make everything look neat and tidy.

Freshen up the entryway by either replacing your front door or giving it a few coats of paint. Replace the hardware (doorknob, locks, etc.) or make sure the current hardware is clean and shiny. If the area is big enough, place two large pots of flowers on each side of the door. Choose fragrant flowers, such as the peony, hyacinth, petunia, and daffodil.

Replace or repaint your mailbox and house numbers. If you cannot afford to paint your entire house, consider painting only the trim. Paint shutters if you use them. Replace your gutters if they need it and hire a roofer to repair any problems with your roof. They can also clean the roof for you while they are there.

Edge any flower gardens that you have. You may be surprised at the difference that brick, wood, concrete, or decorative rocks around your gardens will make. You can also put edging along any paths.

If you have no experience with landscaping, you should consider hiring a landscape designer to help you.