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Decorating the home each season and holiday is a lot of fun. You get to take your everyday home and transform it into an autumn setting, a winter wonderland or a festive area to spend your days with your family. Unfortunately, those decorations can get very expensive. So what can you do to decrease the cost of decorating your home for the changing seasons and holidays? My blog will show you all sorts of fun ways to use and re-purpose the things around your home to make them into what you need to finish your festive decorating this coming year.


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Are You Redecorating Your Family Room In A Mexican Style?

Are you redecorating your family room in a Mexican style? Perhaps you have traveled in Mexico and have fallen in love with some of the interior designs you saw in hotels or houses you visited. Or, you might just admire the unique look that can be achieved by decorating with a Mexican mood in mind. If that's the case, from selecting the furniture to buying bronze lanterns, here are some ideas that might help you to design an attractive room that your family and friends can enjoy.

The Furniture - Think of combining comfort with a rustic feeling. For example, buy heavy wooden furniture, and choose something like leather or a Mexican print fabric for your upholstery. Select end tables and a coffee table that have wrought iron as part of the design. Don't forget to add a floor-to-ceiling shelf that can hold an entertainment center and collectibles from Mexico. Another idea is to add big throw pillows that actually work as occasional chairs. They can be moved around for times when you are going to watch a movie or television, or for sitting around the coffee table to play board games. Choose Mexican rocking chairs which will be perfect for visiting or reading.

The Extra Touches - Don't you think that it's the extra decorative touches that add personality and interest to a room? For example, think of buying some bronze lanterns that you can put on the wall, and make them part of a grouping that includes Mexican artwork. You could also arrange them along your fireplace mantel with some rustic picture frames. Choose them in different sizes and add things like Mexican pottery birds for extra drama. The great thing about buying your home accessories online is that you can find just what you need without going from store to store to see what your different options are. And, the fact that they will be delivered right to your front door makes things even better.

As you decorate with the bronze lanterns that you have purchased online, think of the different ways you can use them. Besides having them on the wall or on your fireplace mantel, think of hanging one or two or three of them in a corner of your family room to add light in a dark area. When you buy candles for your lanterns, think of buying scented ones for a personalized touch.